Ira­tus: Lord of the Dead

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It’s tough be­ing a dark lord – all you want to do is raise a mighty army to dom­i­nate all the land, but petty he­roes keep get­ting in the way, ris­ing up and de­feat­ing you be­fore you can take that last step to­wards full com­mand of all life and death… thank­fully, be­ing a Ne­cro­mancer, get­ting stabbed in the chest is a mere set­back, and this time, you’re go­ing to win. Ira­tus places you in the shoes of the vil­lain, tasked with rais­ing a dark un­dead horde from the body parts of pre­vi­ous vic­tims. The game’s a rogue-like – isn’t ev­ery­thing these days? – with per­madeath, turn-based com­bat, and dark fan­tasy 2D graph­ics. We’re guess­ing, in game, death is not the end, ei­ther…

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