Ex­perts say Con­nie Carter's rack ROCKS!

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PEO­PLE will ar­que about this red-hot sub­ject till they're blue in the face (and BALLSACK), but ex­perts have of­fi­cially de­clared that spunky Euro-model Con­nie Carter has THE BEST NAT­U­RAL SWINGERS in the world. Highly re­spected news site re­cently rated the 28-year-old Prague-based porn queen's nork at NUM­BER ONE ( and TWO ). And who are we to dis­agree with them af­ter eye­balling Con­nie's 36'C can­taloupes? "I am deeply hon­oured and touched," she said when we caught up with long-haired brunette on her mo­bile. " To cel­e­brate, me and my boyfriend will en­joy a bot­tle of cham­pagne, then I will let him rib HIS THICK PE­NIS be­tween my bo­soms till he spurts sperm all over them.' Boyfriend? Dang. But It's true, read­ers - all of Con­nie's hard­core scenes and photo shoots are filmed with her real-life lover.

"It's so nice - one of our favourite things to di is to SCREW and we get PAID to do it," she laughed. " We do lots of TITTY-FUCK­ING in our scenes be­cause it's the most en­joy­able way to have sex." What does her man think of her mar­velous mam­maries when he's not rub­bing his knob all over them? "He adores my bo­soms .... he's al­ways fondling them in pub­lic. He tells me, 'Your bab­bal­abas are mine and mine along!'" BABALABS? je­sus, we fuck­ing hate this guys so much. But we LOVE your chebs, Con­nie.

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