These hot­ties can stomp all over our bod­ies any day!

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VE­LAZQUEZ – from TV’S My Name Is Earl fame – once said, “When I die, I want to be buried in a black Ralph Lau­ren dress and BROWN CHUNKY BOOTS.”

You have to re­spect that pub­lic ex­pres­sion of LURVE for the FUCK-ME FOOTWEAR of choice for fe­male farm­ers, mid­dle-class mums and sassy hookers around the globe.

Whether they’re calf-high, knee-high or go all the way up to a woman’s fanny, EVERY­BODY ap­pre­ci­ates a top pair of boots.

Leather, vinyl, fur… we’re not fussed as long as chicks wear them (and noth­ing else) while we make SWEET LURVE – or they’re kick­ing the be­jeezus out of our WILLIES (for those blokes so in­clined).

Hell, ladies, even a sec­ond- hand pair of Ugg boots or mud- splat­tered gum­boots will have us POP­PING PYRA­MIDS IN OUR PANTS.

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