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I LANDED a sweet job as an overnight se­cu­rity guard at the, um… let’s call it… COCKLANDS Sta­dium. Any­way, I in­vited Imo­gen, a hot chick I’d gone to high school with, to come on a mid­night tour one night.

She turned up half-cut af­ter be­ing out on the piss all evening with her mates.

Not that I was fussed – she was all over me from the minute she saw me.

I told her to ease off and that she had to wait un­til we were out of view of the cam­eras… and I knew just the spot.

I made her climb the lad­der first, and got an awe­some view of her break­fast.

Imo­gen wasn’t wear­ing any undies un­der her tight denim miniskirt, which made me BAR UP im­me­di­ately.

Once we were on the roof I told her to walk out to the mid­dle. And to get NUDE.

Her perky chebs JIGGLED as she wrig­gled out of her skirt and boob tube. I didn’t know it was pos­si­ble, but my cock got even HARDER.

I swiftly joined her, un­zipped my fly and plopped out “The De­stroyer”. Imo­gen cooed in drunken de­light, knelt and en­gulfed it with her hot mouth.

Af­ter 10 min­utes of the best head I’d ever re­ceived, I told her to stand and turn round.

I bent Imo­gen over the rail­ing and she was look­ing straight down over the cen­tre square.

“You bet­ter hold on tight and push back,” I said, as I rubbed my STORK along her CLUNGE.

“Fuck me!” she moaned. You frig­gin’ bet I was gonna! I THRUST in – her pussy was so WET, it felt like my dick was on a SLIP AND SLIDE.

I started slow at first, but kept push­ing DEEPER and DEEPER.

Her PLUMP arse cheeks were RIP­PLING with ev­ery stroke and

MOANS got more in­tense as I in­creased the speed.

I spat on my fin­ger and started play­ing with her DUNGER. The crazy chick was lov­ing it!

“I want your dick in my arse,” she pleaded. My knob was DRIP­PING with her JUICES, so I plucked out my pe­nis and eased it into her ar­se­hole, which was tighter than a Scots­man.

As soon as I was in there, her legs quiv­ered un­con­trol­lably and she came HARD.

Her AR­SE­HOLE tight­ened to a DEATH GRIP on my tool and I blew, too. I fuckin’ love my job.


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