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Tell us about your ink­age. “I started at 15. Ev­ery tatt has a story, whether I got them to rebel or for some­one I love or to rep­re­sent a mo­ment.” The head tatt must get some com­ments. “Ha­haha…my fore­head is one of the most com­mented-on tat­toos. I waited four years to do it and don’t re­gret it. It says ‘family’.” Why did you go with that? “I chose that word ’cos on the side of my face is ‘rkett’ and I thought I bet­ter make it up to my mother. Peo­ple now know me as ‘the girl in Ade­laide with the face tat­too’. I like to think I’m mak­ing a last­ing im­pres­sion on to­day’s so­ci­ety.” If a guy had the words “My Lit­tle Pony” tat­tooed on his pe­nis, would that be a deal-breaker, Kody-king? “No. I’ve al­ways wanted a pony.”

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