POOL PARTY Thank­fully, Mel and Emma have built-in float­ies!


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TAKE one mega-hot Page 3 pin-up, add AN­OTHER siz­zling su­per­model and chuck them in a swim­ming pool MI­NUS THEIR TOPS on a sunny, warm day.

What do you get, read­ers? Melissa De­bling and Emma Glover hav­ing a PRI­VATE pool party you’ll NEVER FOR­GET!

So what could pos­si­bly top eye­balling two of the UK’S finest fe­male flesh-flash­ers get­ting wet in a pool in Ibiza?

“Be­ing NAKED on the beach!” squeals Mel, 28.

Fair call, matey. But where the two of youse are right now is pretty al­right.

“I love par­ty­ing all night and sleep­ing it off be­side the pool the next day,” she laughs.

Goodo. Well, let’s get this party started, ladies. Who’s hun­gry? Any­one want some BBQ chicken?

“Yes, please,” gig­gles Emma, 30. “I thought about an ad cam­paign for Nando’s the other day. I could front the ads with the slo­gan, ‘One breast or two?’ Or maybe, ‘Are you a breast man or a thigh man?’”

Both, thanks. Heh! It’s all about food (and NEKKIDNESS) with you glamma gals, eh?

“Yep, and we’re not afraid to ad­mit it! As soon as we get to­gether all we do is TAKE OFF OUR CLOTHES and talk about what we’re go­ing to EAT!”

You’re just tak­ing the piss now, Emma. Back to you, Mel. What’s the best food to heal a hang­over? “I re­ally like a mint ice-cream.” Does it dou­ble as a good SEX AID in the bed­room?

“I think it’d melt too quickly,” the blonde says. “But I’ve used other food like whipped cream and choco­late sauce. It’s re­ally messy but fun.”

Fi­nally, the sub­ject of this is­sue is blondes vs brunettes. We know why blondes ROCK, but give us the case for brunettes, Emma.

“Well, we’re a smarter, more mys­te­ri­ous bunch,” she ex­plains. “We get away with a bit more than blondes would, too…like hack­ing your friend’s Twit­ter ac­count.”

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