Scarlet wo­man talks blowies, bi­sex­u­al­ity and bang­ing Aussies! PHO­TOS BY HARD X

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SOME porn stars have wacky rea­sons why they came up with their stage names, but the cen­tre­fold for this is­sue has an ex­pla­na­tion that’s pretty ob­vi­ous: “When I ORGASM, my cheeks and ch­est turn BRIGHT Red…hence, Scarlet Red.” We also BLUSHED after the all-nat­u­ral Seppo sex­pot told us all about her KINKY ROOT­ING HABITS!

WE’VE seen you GOBBING KNOBS and you do a top job. Where’d you pick up such mad skills?

“Thanks! It’s some­thing I learned by

watch­ing porn and other girls. The male talent tells me what they like and I go with what I’m feel­ing in that moment and what I think they’re get­ting off on. I get into the groove and feel the aura.”

De­scribe the per­fect blowie.

“I like them SLOPPY – I like spit and lick­ing a dick like a POP­SI­CLE. I en­joy deep-throat­ing while tick­ling the balls. I like to play with the tip. When I give blowjobs and put it in my mouth, I swirl the tongue around the dick while it’s in my mouth. Some­times I blow on the spit…y’know, the tin­gling sen­sa­tion. Fun stuff like that.”

Would you ever do a blow­bang in a film, Scarlet?

“No, I’d rather just stick to one pe­nis and put my en­ergy into that blowjob and make it look great.”

You’re equally comfy play­ing with chicks’ vagi­nas. Do you pre­fer tongue and fin­gers or toys?

“Toys are good to get you warmed up but I love to tease. That’s my favourite thing in work­ing with girls. I did this one re­ally hot Tantric sex scene with a new girl and I ba­si­cally teased her the whole time…i plea­sured her the whole time through teas­ing, and I got off through that. Haha!”

Fave fuck­ing possie?

“Dog­gie, baby! I love get­ting my butt spanked and dog­gie looks amaz­ing on cam­era. You can do so many things in that po­si­tion – you can be on your stom­ach or all fours…you can go off on any­thing like coun­ters…it’s fun! Haha!”

Sure is. Got any kinky habits?

“I get turned on by feath­ers and tick­ling sen­sa­tions all over my body.”

Must be cool be­ing an XXX su­per­star.

“I have the best job ever! You get to say ‘I’m go­ing to ORGASM at work to­day.’ Work doesn’t get much bet­ter than that!”

Fi­nally, mate, if you could shag any celeb, who would you pick?

“A cou­ple of Aussies, ac­tu­ally. I like Mar­got Rob­bie. She’s re­ally beau­ti­ful and so tal­ented. Chris Hemsworth is a hand­some guy and looks good as Thor. Haha!”


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