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THE 18-year-old chick was get­ting ready to go on a first date when her granny de­cided to give some ad­vice.

“He’ll to try to kiss you,” she said. “You’re go­ing to like that but don’t let him do it.” The chick nod­ded. Gran con­tin­ued, “He’ll also try to touch your breasts. You’ll like that, too, but don’t let him do it. Soon, he’ll try to feel be­tween your legs. You’ll re­ally like that but don’t let him do it.”

By now the young chick was wide-eyed and vig­or­ously nod­ding. Fi­nally, Gran reached her main point. “Most im­por­tantly,” she ad­vised, “he’ll try to get on top and have his way with you. You’ll love that but don’t let him do it, be­cause that would dis­grace our fam­ily.”

With this in mind the chick went off on her date. When she came home later that night she couldn’t wait to tell her granny about the date.

She told Gran that most of the things she said would hap­pen did, in fact, hap­pen dur­ing the evening.

“But,” she said proudly, “I didn’t let him dis­grace the fam­ily. When he tried that, I jumped on top of him and dis­graced his fam­ily in­stead!”

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