Vi­sion Glass Pol­ish

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£11.95 (500ml)

Con­tact Rel­a­tively speak­ing, there’s not many de­tail­ing com­pa­nies that pro­duce an ac­tual glass pol­ish and that makes this new prod­uct pretty in­ter­est­ing. Ob­vi­ously a cream is more like some­thing you’d use to clean your paint­work and the prin­ci­ple is ex­actly the same here. The only real dif­fer­ence is Vi­sion isn’t a nor­mal abra­sive pol­ish, it cleans off the grime chem­i­cally mean­ing it’s safe for use on tints and chrome films as well as nor­mal glass. Sprayon clean­ers typ­i­cally con­tain a lot of sol­vents en­abling them to evap­o­rate to (hope­fully) elim­i­nate smear­ing, that’s why many cheaper ones take more than their fair share of wip­ing for a clear fin­ish. With a pol­ish like this the prod­uct doesn’t need to evap­o­rate to­tally, it sim­ply hazes over and you buff off the residue. One mis­take peo­ple also make with a spray is us­ing too much, you don’t get that so much with a pol­ish. Just whack a cou­ple of pea-sized drops on your ap­pli­ca­tor pad and away you go.

www.aut­ofi­ con­ven­tional spray bot­tle prod­uct but, con­sid­er­ing how much buff­ing you have to do to get all the smears out with a spray, I ac­tu­ally found this much less ef­fort. Vi­sion hazes quickly and it’s not like a wax where you have to put in some se­ri­ous el­bow grease to buff off the residue either – I like that a lot.

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