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@ Hi lads. I’m putting the fin­ish­ing touches to my As­tra GSi Turbo track car and hav­ing just fit­ted GAZ coilovers and had them set up and the car cor­ner weighted, the guy at the align­ment cen­tre said I might suf­fer bump steer be­cause it’s now quite low. He then went off on a rant about steer­ing in­cli­na­tion an­gles and in­creased toe wear and I was like “What…?” but is this some­thing to be aware of and can I do any­thing to sort it? Thanks. Dev.

AHon­est an­swer…. get Googling! Steer­ing an­gles and the like are a pretty com­plex topic so nigh on im­pos­si­ble to ex­plain so some di­a­grams and Youtube videos will en­lighten you, but ba­si­cally, the more you lower a car, the more neg­a­tive cam­ber you in­tro­duce (un­less it has a solid rear beam, but we’re talk­ing

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