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hardly any residue and the buff­ing-off re­quires next-to no el­bow grease. I like that, a lot. What’s more this prod­uct can be lay­ered, which is equally un­usual for any spray-based for­mula. The fact of the mat­ter is this stuff has the per­for­mance to put the ma­jor­ity of brands to shame. That’s a cru­cial point too be­cause be­ing quick and easy to use is one thing, but it’s all for noth­ing if you don’t get the end re­sult you de­sire. There’s no such prob­lem here, with hardly any ef­fort you’ll achieve su­per-smooth, slick paint with crisp bright reflections, a deep rich gloss and some se­ri­ous wa­ter bead­ing. Try it for your­self and you’ll see it makes the paint feel like glass, which isn’t an easy trick to pull off with­out putting in loads of ef­fort. It’s in­cred­i­bly quick to ap­ply, and value wise it’s right up there. The stan­dard 500ml bot­tle should last you up to 20 washes on an av­er­age sized car, if you don’t get at least 10 you’re us­ing way too much. Pro­tec­tion wise Auto Fi­nesse say that you’ll get 3-6 weeks which is per­fect if you clean your car on the reg­u­lar. While it’s true there are hard waxes and sealants that last longer, they re­quire loads more ap­pli­ca­tion ef­fort, and that kind of de­feats the ob­ject.

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