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Which­ever way you cut it 886bhp is a lot of power. That’s more than the cur­rent grid of F1 cars, more than most of the V8 F1 cars that pre­ceded them and roughly the same as the race power used by the alarm­ingly fast tur­bocharged ‘80s F1 ma­chines. It’s more than any of the mighty Group B cars could call upon in their WRC prime, more than any rally ma­chine has ever had in fact. 886Bhp is way more than the pal­try 627bhp of­fered by the world-beat­ing McLaren F1, more than the F40 and more than any of the Ger­man ‘uber sa­loons’ that’ve taken to stalk­ing the outer lanes of mo­tor­ways across the world. 886bhp is a huge amount of power in a big, hulk­ing great car that’s been de­signed to house it, enough to blur scenery and catch traf­fic at an alarm­ing rate. Put that amount of pure, unadul­ter­ated ki­netic shove in some­thing like the Corsa A and things will go one of two ways; you’ll ei­ther end up in the mother of all ac­ci­dents, or you’ll set a string of class records and be able to stake a claim to be­ing an all round Vaux­hall hero.

And that’s pre­cisely what El­jan Timm­ler from The Nether­lands has done with his Corsa A, and the re­sult­ing

per­for­mance VaUX­HaLL

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