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@ Hi, hope you can ad­vise. I bought a Corsa VXR about a month ago, to­tally stan­dard and with 60,000 miles on the clock. It’s been great but a couple of days ago it started to run a bit funny, like the en­gine was jud­der­ing and the en­gine warn­ing light was com­ing on. The light then started stay­ing on con­stantly and the car feels like the turbo isn’t work­ing when I ac­cel­er­ate. There’s a kind of whoosh­ing noise when I ac­cel­er­ate so I think the turbo does work but it just doesn’t go very well. The car has a war­ranty but the garage say I have to pay to get it di­ag­nosed and that it might not be cov­ered and have told me a turbo is al­most £1000. Help please! Kirsty.

AWe get asked this sort of thing fre­quently and our ad­vice is al­ways have it di­ag­nosed by a pro­fes­sional. Guess­ing or talk­ing to the in­ter­net for ad­vice can ul­ti­mately lead you on a wild goose chase.


Di­ag­nos­ing a fault is much eas­ier if you can read the fault codes

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