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@ For the past couple of months I’ve been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a weird knock­ing noise from the front of my Vec­tra VXR. It’s been get­ting pro­gres­sively worse re­cently and with the MoT loom­ing, I feel I should try and get it sorted be­fore it goes in. The noise seems to be from the pas­sen­ger side and more pro­lific over speed bumps and un­even sur­faces. I did let my lo­cal tyre place have a look when they changed the front tyres but they said the wish­bone bushes and the track rod ends were fine. One thing I have no­ticed it that over rough sur­faces, I can al­most feel the noise through my heels. Ap­pre­ci­ate that makes no sense but it’s dif­fi­cult to ex­plain. Hope you can shed some light and it won’t cost me a for­tune! Christopher.

AThe Vec­tra C is prone to a few knocks and creaks as things get worn and tired and th­ese can range from worn drop links, strut tops, ball joints, in­ner and outer steer­ing joints, en­gine mounts and even the ra­di­a­tor pack mounts. The VXR with its low pro­file tyres tends to ex­ag­ger­ate noises which could be seen as a good thing as you can then re­solve them be­fore they get worse. Re­solv­ing said is­sues is some­times rather chal­leng­ing how­ever.

It will ei­ther take a well trained ear on a test drive or the ser­vices of a flat ramp and a bit pok­ing around. De­spite the tyre place check­ing, it’s worth bear­ing in mind that with the wheel hang­ing down, cer­tain worn parts can’t be traced, for ex­am­ple the top mounts as they have the weight of the wheel etc hang­ing on them, which can pull com­po­nents tightly to­gether and thus there’s no more play and no more noises. We wouldn’t like to guess at the cause but the up­side is the Vec­tra, like many other Vaux­halls, is rel­a­tively easy to work on and parts aren’t ru­inously ex­pen­sive.

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