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I’ve owned four Mk3 Cavaliers to date. In fact, un­til re­cently, I had three Cav­a­lier Turbo 4x4s un­der lock and key! Add to that my role as ad­min­is­tra­tor of the Mk3 Cav­a­lier Own­ers Club, and it would be fair to say that I’ve got a lot of love for this clas­sic Vaux­hall.

I’m now down to two Turbo 4x4s fol­low­ing my re­cent de­ci­sion to sell the 1993 Satin Red ‘minter’ that I’d owned since 2011. Part­ing with that car leaves me with a ‘92 Spec­tral Blue ex­am­ple and an­other Satin Red Turbo that cur­rently wears an M-plate at each end.

The lat­ter of the two re­main­ing Cavaliers was bought with heavy mod­i­fi­ca­tion in mind. In truth, I was afraid to de­tract from the ’93 car’s orig­i­nal­ity by toy­ing with it too much, in­stead opt­ing to re­store and re­place

per­for­mance VaUX­HaLL its fac­tory equip­ment with brand new gen­uine parts wher­ever pos­si­ble. Rea­son­ing that an ad­di­tional Cav­a­lier Turbo would en­able me to tune to my heart’s con­tent, I de­cided to seek out an­other of th­ese nineties pow­er­houses of per­for­mance.

Al­ready ad­ver­tised at a low price, the sec­ond Satin Red car that would join my MV6 (at what in­creas­ingly looks like a Net­work Q deal­er­ship) is cer­tainly not with­out its faults. A tired in­te­rior, a messy en­gine bay, rear quar­ter panel scratches, mis­matched coil springs and a sus­pect tur­bocharger are all fea­tures that the seller de­scribed as ‘adding char­ac­ter’, al­though he came un­stuck when try­ing to con­vince me that there was noth­ing wrong with the car’s electrics – my Tech 1 di­ag­nos­tic ma­chine never lies! That’ll be an­other £500 off the ask­ing price, thanu­very­mush.

A Cav­a­lier Turbo in need of work was what I was look­ing for, and that’s ex­actly what I’ve ended up with. Job done. Well, not quite. A se­ries of vin­tage alarms ap­pear to have been in­stalled on the car over the years, leav­ing a mad mix of ran­dom wiring and ad­di­tional dash lights dot­ted about its cabin. One of th­ese se­cu­rity sys­tems in­cludes ex­ter­nal prox­im­ity sen­sors

This is far from Dan’s first cav – and un­til re­cently he had three 4x4 Tur­bos!

oh so 90’s di­als were fit­ted when Dan bought the car

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