DAB RA­DIO YOUR QUES­TIONS AN­SWERED This month we cor­ner the guys be­hind DAB­mo­tion to get the low­down on dig­i­tal ra­dio…

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DAB is Dig­i­tal Au­dio Broad­cast­ing, and it’s trans­mit­ted through­out the UK and in se­lected coun­tries around the world. It was ac­tu­ally de­vel­oped in Nor­way as far back as 1981 and the first sta­tion broad­cast in 1995. Dig­i­tal ra­dio has much more choice and is trans­mit­ted at a higher bit rate than ana­logue ra­dio. That means bet­ter sound qual­ity – as you’d ex­pect

per­for­mance VaUX­HaLL with any­thing dig­i­tal. You get an­noy­ing in­ter­fer­ence, hiss and crackle from AM/FM/MW ra­dio sta­tions but you don’t have that prob­lem with dig­i­tal ra­dio, cer­tainly not through DAB­mo­tion. Yes, ana­logue (AM/FM) will even­tu­ally be switched off. We ex­pect an an­nounce­ment on the switchover late next year. Un­like TV (which was switched over re­gion­ally) DAB is na­tional so it has to be done all at once. The peo­ple who did the TV switchover are now in charge of ra­dio switchover – they know their stuff. The Govern­ment will sell the fre­quen­cies spec­trums left by turn­ing off AM/FM, this is what hap­pened af­ter TV switchover. DAB+ will give you a bet­ter sound qual­ity as it is twice as ef­fi­cient be­cause it uses the AAC+ au­dio codec and a bit rate as low as 64Kbits/s. The roll out of 164 na­tional DAB trans­mit­ters is now un­der­way, bring­ing cov­er­age up to 97-per­cent (FM equiv­a­lence). This roll out will be com­plete by the end of 2016, adding an ex­tra 2.5 mil­lion lis­ten­ers. The plan for the roll out of nearly 200 lo­cal DAB

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