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it’s ru­moured there were re­ally 102. Most were iden­ti­cal, but Triple Eight of­fered a tailored upgrade pro­gramme for own­ers seek­ing greater per­for­mance.

To­day, sur­vival rates are low. Ac­cord­ing to the DVLA’s fig­ures, there are just 53 still reg­is­tered, with 25 SORN’d. Prices re­flect the model’s rar­ity, which guar­an­tees its place in Vaux­hall’s hall of fame. An 888’s value could dou­ble that of a nor­mal Coupe Turbo, but it’s a ma­chine that will al­ways see strong de­mand.

The Z20LET fit­ted to 888 Astra pro­duced 189 bhp

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