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Bolternatives are top-qual­ity an­odised wash­ers and dress-up screws that will en­hance the ap­pear­ance of your Vaux­hall. Avail­able to buy in var­i­ous colours, each washer can be per­son­alised to suit the host ve­hi­cle (e.g. VXR own­ers can or­der Bolternatives with the VXR logo laseretched into them). Fit­ting is as simple as re­mov­ing fac­tory screws and re­plac­ing them with these eye-catch­ing items. Most own­ers choose to use Bolternatives as en­gine bay dress-up parts or to hold key ex­ter­nal fur­ni­ture in place (grilles, bumpers etc.). Each kit re­tails at just £12.00 and in­cludes ten wash­ers, a match­ing num­ber of stain­less se­cu­rity screws, a T25 torx bit and recorded de­liv­ery. Price £12 Con­tact Search Face­book for ‘Bolternatives’

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