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Abit of a mixed bag on the MV6 front this time around. Firstly, I spot­ted a cou­ple of ex­haust mounts that I had some­how missed when re­plac­ing the car’s fac­tory hang­ers with Pow­er­flex polyurethane parts. I’ve since re­moved the tired OE items and added what I think is the last of the red mounts that I’ll need to buy. That to­tals seven polyurethane hang­ers sup­port­ing the back half of the Irm­scher twin-exit stain­less sys­tem. Pleas­ingly, the pipework now holds firm, even when I pull fu­ri­ously at its tailpipes. Job done!

Mean­while, the other end of the MV6 is get­ting very ex­cited about the six-pot Brem­bos that are about to be in­stalled. Reg­u­lar read­ers will re­mem­ber that I bought a set of Porsche Cayenne Turbo front stop­pers be­fore trial-fit­ting them with cus­tom car­ri­ers, mod­i­fied Koyo wheel bear­ing as­sem­blies and 360mm Ul­ti­max slot­ted discs that EBC lists for the Audi A8 per­for­mance VaUX­HaLL

Busted Brembo pis­tons re­quired ur­gent ac­tion

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