Performance Vauxhall - - AIR TECH PART 2 -

Lux­ury Euro­pean sports cars of­ten fea­ture ‘ac­tive’ aero­dy­nam­ics. In other words, the car’s ECU con­trols aero­dy­nam­ics on the fly, mov­ing com­po­nents such as grille vanes, which can be mo­torised to limit or en­hance the amount of air trav­el­ling through the part be­ing ma­nip­u­lated. This tech­nol­ogy has two ma­jor ben­e­fits. Firstly, it helps the en­gine to warm quicker, re­duc­ing harm­ful ex­haust gas emis­sions. Se­condly, it vastly re­duces drag. Im­proved fuel econ­omy and per­for­mance ben­e­fits? Where do we sign up?!

The Lo­tus Carl­ton’s rear wing pro­duces 100kg of down­force when the car is trav­el­ling at 80mph

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