Performance Vauxhall - - AIR TECH PART 2 -

Want to see how aero­dy­nam­ics can go badly wrong? Have a butcher’s at the fol­low­ing videos on YouTube:

This video dra­mat­i­cally demon­strates what can hap­pen when the air pres­sure be­neath a car over­comes the op­pos­ing down­force above it. Search for Le Mans 1999 Mercedes Fly­ing Crash, and watch Opel DTM hero, Peter Dum­breck, get the fright of his life!

This Time At­tack Subaru Im­preza had a ma­jor mishap when its rear wing broke free. Thank­fully, the driver walked away un­scathed. Search for El­e­ment Tun­ing STi Crash.

What hap­pens when you re­move the rear wing from your Evo in the hope of achiev­ing a higher top speed? You lose all sta­bil­ity, that’s what. Look for 183mph spin at RAF Marham.

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