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A re­li­able air sus­pen­sion in­stall must be free of leaks. To achieve this, AirRide has in­tro­duced a liq­uid-based air sus­pen­sion thread sealant, pro­vid­ing in­stallers peace of mind re­gard­ing the longevity and re­li­a­bil­ity of the sys­tems be­ing fit­ted. De­signed for use on metal thread (typ­i­cally steel or brass), the sealant can also be used where metal fit­tings are screwed into plas­tic, such as mod­ern airbags. The prod­uct re­tains its seal­ing abil­ity be­tween -50°C and 150°C, will seal qual­ity unions and fit­tings up to 250psi and can be used with bead seal bags, as found on some front struts. Easy to ap­ply and far ex­ceed­ing the de­mands of most air sus­pen­sion sys­tems, AirRide’s thread sealant is avail­able to or­der di­rectly from the com­pany’s web­site.

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