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Quite pos­si­bly the ST200’s finest fea­ture is its huge AP Racing four-pis­ton stop­pers. Loaded with 330mm discs, these awe­some an­chors peek out from be­hind the model’s Speed­line fivespokes. Brake caliper seals and pis­tons can be sourced and fit­ted to parts well past their best. Re­place­ment discs and pads are eas­ily ob­tained, with a va­ri­ety of per­for­mance op­tions avail­able from EBC and MTEC.

Braided hoses from Goodridge, HEL or Hosetech­nik will im­prove brake pedal re­sponse through their abil­ity to re­main firm (when com­pared to stan­dard rub­ber hoses). Read all about the ben­e­fits of braided fluid trans­fer hoses on page 42 of this edi­tion of Per­for­mance Vauxhall.

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