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An OPCOM (Opel Communications) scan­ning de­vice is the most com­monly owned di­ag­nos­tic kit among DIYers. Sold at a low price point (less than £40 at the time of writ­ing), the sys­tem sup­ports many con­trol units, in­clud­ing en­gine, au­to­matic trans­mis­sion, ABS, airbag, en­gine cool­ing mod­ule, in­stru­ment clus­ter, elec­tronic cli­mate con­trol and body con­trol unit. “OPCOM is an OBDII­com­pat­i­ble fault code reader com­pris­ing an in­ter­face mod­ule, USB lead and soft­ware on dig­i­tal down­load or CD,” says MWP boss, Marc Wale. “By con­nect­ing the de­vice to a Win­dows-equipped lap­top, you can view live data, fault codes, per­form out­put tests and carry out ba­sic pro­gram­ming, such as set­ting idle speed, ex­tin­guish­ing air bag lights and cod­ing ex­tra keys.”

Suit­able for Vaux­halls built be­tween the mid1990s and 2010 (Omega B through to Astra H), vari­a­tions on OPCOM’s ba­sic de­sign can be pur­chased from a va­ri­ety of sup­pli­ers, but bear in mind you’re in­vest­ing in an un­of­fi­cial prod­uct. Speak to own­ers al­ready us­ing OPCOM to en­sure the ver­sion you’re about to buy has been tried and tested with­out com­plaint.

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