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FIT­NESS cloth­ing gi­ant Adi­das has made a mas­sive break­through in shoe tech­nol­ogy this month, with the launch of a spe­cial sneaker for at­ten­dees of Ger­many’s an­nual Ok­to­ber­fest cel­e­bra­tions.

As well as be­ing made us­ing the “finest leather,” the ath­letic shoe has a custom-de­vel­oped DPBR coat­ing - short for “Durable Puke and Beer Re­pel­lent” - which must surely have been de­vel­oped by some of the world’s lead­ing sci­en­tists.

The in­side of the limited edi­tion footwear is whim­si­cally pat­terned like the tra­di­tional red and white checked table­cloths which adorn Bavar­ian beer halls.

Cost­ing €199, the unique shoes are only avail­able on­line via German spe­cialty re­tailer

43ein­halb.com - and they come com­plete with a custom beer stein (pic­tured) plus the slo­gan “wear your best to the fest”.

ALSO in the ma­jor sci­en­tific dis­cov­ery cat­e­gory is a San Diego dis­tillery, which has be­gun mak­ing vodka us­ing left­over crois­sants.

Mis­ad­ven­ture Vodka is de­scribed by the company as “vodka made from un­sold baked goods,” sourced as an ini­tia­tive against waste from a lo­cal food bank which can’t use the left­overs.

The bread prod­ucts are mashed and blended, mixed with yeast to fer­ment into al­co­hol and then care­fully dis­tilled into vodka.

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