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when you use P, Av, Tv and M you’re also able to ad­just ISO speed, help­ful if you’re shoot­ing hand­held (high ISO) or us­ing a tri­pod (low ISO). You can tweak the pic­ture styles ac­cord­ing to your sub­ject mat­ter, and can ad­just the white bal­ance to warm up or cool down your im­age’s colour tem­per­a­ture for a more creative re­sult. You can also ad­just the AF (aut­o­fo­cus) mode from One-shot (static sub­jects) to AI Fo­cus (static/ mov­ing sub­jects) and AI Servo (mov­ing sub­jects); you can man­u­ally se­lect sin­gle AF points for more ac­cu­rate fo­cus­ing; and ad­just the me­ter­ing mode from Eval­u­a­tive to Par­tial to Spot and Cen­tre-weighted, de­pend­ing on which part of the scene or sub­ject you need to ex­pose for. You can also set the Drive mode from Sin­gle-shot to Low or High-speed Con­tin­u­ous, or the Self-timer mode with a 10- or two-sec­ond de­lay.

Use a nar­row aper­ture (eg f/16) for larger depth of field

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