get arty for gift shop-wor­thy cards

use a lit­tle adobe magic to com­pile ev­ery­thing to­gether

Photo Plus - - Canon Skills -

01 edit your Shots

It’s eas­ier to edit all of your shots first sep­a­rately be­fore you add them into a Pho­to­shop doc­u­ment. At this point, you should tweak the lev­els, make any lens cor­rec­tions and crop your im­ages to the right shape. Save all the im­ages in one folder so they’re easy to find again later.

02 make a can­vas

Post­cards come in a range of sizes. If you plan to print yours out us­ing an online com­pany, it pays to check the di­men­sions re­quired. In Pho­to­shop, go to File>new… and se­lect Cus­tom from the pre­sets. Add in the mea­sure­ments and res­o­lu­tion (300dpi is a good bet) then click OK.

03 Lay it ALL out

Drag-and-drop im­ages straight from Bridge onto your can­vas, + and mov­ing each shot as you go. The Text tool can be used to add in the name of your location, but avoid mak­ing it look too tacky – un­less that’s your aim! You can use one shot per post­card, or sev­eral if you wish.

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