Step by step for an arty ab­stract

Use Pho­to­shop’s screen blend­ing mode to recre­ate a dou­ble-ex­po­sure ef­fect

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01 pre­pare your base

Open your por­trait shot in Pho­to­shop and go to Im­age> ad­just­ments> lev­els to in­crease the bright­ness and con­trast. You might also want to use the Clone tool to re­move any dis­tract­ing ele­ments around the face or in the back­ground. You could add an Ad­just­ment layer and tweak the Lev­els in­stead.

02 im­port sec­ond im­age

Open your fill im­age in Pho­to­shop. Land­scapes, or scenes with in­ter­est­ing shapes or tex­tures, such as leaves and flowers, work well. Go to Se­lect> all and then Copy it. Open your por­trait shot and paste one im­age on top of the other. Go to Edit> trans­form if you need to Ro­tate, Scale or Flip your fill im­age.

03 blend and ad­just

Next, click to se­lect your strik­ing na­ture shot and change the blend­ing mode to Screen. Your blended ex­po­sure will now have ap­peared, but we’re not quite fin­ished yet. Try us­ing the Move tool to re­po­si­tion your fill layer over the por­trait. Pay at­ten­tion to what cov­ers the fea­tures – you don’t want any twigs in eyes!

04 fi­nal ed­its

The last step is to make the im­age less wishy-washy. Add a Curves ad­just­ment layer to bring out de­tail in the mid­tones, and use the Burn tool to se­lec­tively darken ar­eas of the face. De­sat­u­rate the face layer for a more sub­tle mono re­sult. You could even play around with eras­ing the bot­tom of your por­trait.

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