1 con­trol Depth of field with av mode

Un­der­stand how chang­ing the aper­ture af­fects which parts of your im­age are sharpest

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The aper­ture de­ter­mines how much light reaches your Canon cam­era’s sen­sor

Use Av mode on your Canon DSLR to set the aper­ture and con­trol depth of field. The aper­ture de­ter­mines how much light reaches your cam­era’s sen­sor. Mea­sured in f/stops, val­ues range from f/1.2 to f/32 and above, de­pend­ing on your lens. The lower the num­ber (eg f/2.8), the wider the aper­ture, which means more light is al­lowed into the cam­era lens, mak­ing im­ages brighter. Con­versely, the higher the num­ber (such as f/22), the nar­rower the aper­ture, there­fore less light reaches the cam­era sen­sor, caus­ing im­ages to be darker.

Aper­ture also af­fects an im­age’s depth of field (DOF). Wide aper­tures cap­ture a shal­low DOF, so what­ever is in front and be­yond your fo­cal point will be blurry – ideal for por­traits and wildlife, for in­stance. Nar­row aper­tures cap­ture more DOF, mean­while, al­low­ing a larger area of the shot to be sharp – ideal for land­scapes when you went the whole scene in fo­cus.

As your lens’s fo­cal length in­creases, DOF de­creases, even at the same aper­tures. So a wide fo­cal length (eg 18mm) will cap­ture more depth of field at f/5.6, com­pared with a longer fo­cal length (eg 200mm) at f/5.6.

Con­trol how much of a scene you want to be in fo­cus when you take charge of aper­ture in Av mode

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