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Find out why ad­just­ing the shut­ter speed on longer lenses means sharper im­ages

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Your lens’s fo­cal length di­rectly af­fects your ex­po­sure tri­an­gle. By this, we mean you need to con­sider your shut­ter speed de­pend­ing on your fo­cal length to en­sure cam­era-shake doesn’t equal blurry shots. This is more ap­par­ent if you have a longer lens, such as a su­per-tele­photo 500mm prime lens, as the any move­ment of the cam­era (and there­fore the lens) is more no­tice­able. In this case, you’ll have to speed up your shut­ter time un­less you’re on a tri­pod or mono­pod.

The gen­eral rule if you’re us­ing a full-frame cam­era (eg 6D or 5D se­ries) is to match your shut­ter speed to your fo­cal length to over­ride cam­era shake – so at 500mm, set a speed of 1/500 sec or higher. If you’re us­ing a crop-sen­sor cam­era (eg 800D or 80D) then mul­ti­ply by 1.6 – 500mm be­comes ef­fec­tively 800mm, so your shut­ter speed needs to be 1/800 sec or higher.

Align your shut­ter speed with your lens’ fo­cal length if you want sharp shots

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