What’s new in Pho­to­shop Ele­ments 2018? We ex­plore the fea­tures

Dis­cover the key new fea­tures in the lat­est Pho­to­shop Ele­ments ver­sion in­clud­ing an ex­cel­lent Dou­ble-ex­po­sure tool, ex­plains James Pater­son

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Pho­to­shop Ele­ments 2018 is the lat­est ver­sion of Adobe’s be­gin­ner-friendly photo-edit­ing app. It fol­lows on from Ele­ments 15 and brings sev­eral in­ter­est­ing new fea­tures, the head­line be­ing an ‘Open Closed Eyes’ tool that lets you re­place blink­ing or closed eyes with an open pair. It’s clever, but re­sults range from us­able to laugh­able. You need to be care­ful with your choice of re­place­ment eyes – ide­ally us­ing a sim­i­lar frame of the same per­son, with the face straight-on. We’ll ex­plain how it works here, along with other key new fea­tures.

An­other new tool is Au­tos­e­lec­tion, de­signed to make it easier to se­lect tricky shapes like peo­ple or an­i­mals. All you do is drag a rough se­lec­tion with the Lasso tool, and then let the Auto-se­lec­tion tool do the rest. It can be a bit hit-and-miss, but on the right sub­ject it works well.

Along with these new tools are sev­eral new ‘Guided Ed­its’ that take you through the process of cre­at­ing ef­fects or per­form­ing ba­sic edit­ing tasks. The ex­cel­lent new ‘dou­ble-ex­po­sure’ ef­fect blends two images, mim­ick­ing the tra­di­tional film-based tech­nique. Other guided ed­its ex­plain how to cre­ate wa­ter­colour ef­fects, re­place back­grounds, and blend shapes with your photos.

In this tu­to­rial we’ll ex­plore some of the key new fea­tures on of­fer in Ele­ments 2018. First we’ll fix the half-closed eyes in our start­ing im­age be­fore head­ing into the Dou­ble-ex­po­sure Guided Edit, where the step-by-step guide not only lets us cre­ate the fun ef­fect, but also brings the new Au­tos­e­lec­tion tool into play.

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