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Dig­i­tal Sin­gle Lens Re­flex (DSLR), aka EOS DSLR – a Canon cam­era that uses an op­ti­cal viewfinder (which uses ei­ther a pen­taprism or pen­tamir­ror, de­pend­ing on the EOS model) and mir­ror to show the ex­act im­age be­ing seen through the lens. When the shut­ter is re­leased, the mir­ror flips up to al­low the im­age to pass through to the imag­ing sen­sor for DSLRS, or film for SLRS.

Depth of field (DOF) is con­trolled by se­lect­ing the ap­pro­pri­ate f-stop. Us­ing a wide aper­ture (such as f/1.8) pro­duces a shal­low DOF, while choos­ing a smaller aper­ture, such as f/22, will cap­ture a larger DOF f/22

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