Pre­pare your kit to help light paint some creative and fun por­traits

Photo Plus - - Canon Skills -

01 Gather your kit

We’re us­ing two Shad­owhawk Tac­ti­cal X800 Flash­lights from Ama­zon – th­ese have ad­justable power and strobe set­tings – and we’ve taped pink and blue plas­tic over the ends. We bought an acrylic tube from ebay and tucked both of the torches in­side.

03 Trig­ger The cam­era

We need our Canon 6D Mk II on a tri­pod as we’ll be shoot­ing some long exposures, and also a spe­cial re­mote con­trol to open and close the shut­ter for our long ex­po­sure. We roped in a friend (dressed in black, see left) to move the light rods around our sub­ject.

05 max­i­mize your light

Your aper­ture will need to be as wide as pos­si­ble to let as much light into the sen­sor, on our EF 16-35mm lens that means f/2.8. Your ISO set­ting will de­pend on how bright you want the scene, and sur­round­ing light lev­els, but we used ISO320.

02 Wrap up The light

We knew that the plas­tic tubes wouldn’t light up much if it was clear, so we wrapped some grease­proof pa­per around it to help dif­fuse the light, cre­at­ing a more de­fined rod of light. If you have prob­lems with flare com­ing from the top just cap it over with gaffer tape.

04 use Bulb mode

Once you’ve com­posed your scene to leave space in the frame around your sub­ject, set your Canon to B for Bulb mode on the mode dial. For some Canon cam­eras, you’ll need use Man­ual mode, and ad­just the shut­ter speed past 30 secs un­til it reads ‘bulb’.

06 Flash­dance

Get your as­sis­tant with the light wand to start on the left, then dur­ing the ex­po­sure, move steadily be­hind your sub­ject, ex­it­ing right to cre­ate a U-shape. Get them to start and stop to en­sure the light also falls on the front of your sub­ject and the car.

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