From stun­ning sil­hou­ettes and sun­set to tree-lined parks – au­tumn is great for it all

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04 SHOOT­ING nice sil­hou­ettes isn’t as hard as you might think. You just need a good tree out­line and a nice sun­set. You can be bold and shoot into the sun, or wait un­til the suns sinks be­low the hori­zon, but the sky is still lit. Shoot in Av or Man­ual mode, com­pose your shot, and se­lect an AF point to me­ter off a bright area of the sky to en­sure that you re­tain de­tail in the high­lights, and the tree falls nicely into sil­hou­ette, ac­cen­tu­at­ing its shape against the sky.

05 UR­BAN PARKS in au­tumn also have their share of ma­ture trees, and by vis­it­ing reg­u­larly you’ll be able to doc­u­ment the tran­si­tion. The usual rules of land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy ap­ply, and while it’s gen­er­ally best to cap­ture big scenes with a wide-an­gle lens and nar­row aper­ture (f/16 or above) for good depth of field, also learn to use a flex­i­ble zoom lens such as a 70-200mm. This will com­press the per­spec­tive and en­hance the feel­ing of depth. Keep ISO to 100 (or as low as pos­si­ble) too – in lower light con­di­tions noise can be more ob­vi­ous in the shad­ows.

Ex­pose for the brighter sky to turn trees into sil­hou­ettes 04

Zoom in to com­press the per­spec­tive so lines of trees ap­pear more dense 05

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