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SOME things just seem to run in fam­i­lies, like brains, MONEY and good looks.

It also seems to be the case that RAM­PANT HORNINESS is handed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion.

Which is a handy thing, ac­tu­ally, ’cos it means that when you got to pick up your date, if her mum turns out to be a bit of a STEAMY SPUNK, you’ll known your chances of bump­ing uglies with the daugh­ter be­fore the night’s out will be GREATLY EN­HANCED.

Hope­fully, her mum will have passed on a few tips, like how to fight the gag im­pulse dur­ing deep throat­ing, and that hip ro­tata­tion thing that we all love so much.

Of course, if mum’s a PORN STAR, then she’ll have a wealth of knowl­edge to im­part, and one day the starry-eyed young­ster may even fol­low her into this no­blest of pro­fes­sions.

‘Cos the con­cept of mum-and­daugh­ter porn stars doesn’t have to be all ICKY – it can be a healthy, vi­brant ex­pres­sion of sex­u­al­ity, as life-af­firm­ing as rid­ing horses on a beach at dawn or shoot­ing par on a cham­pi­onship golf course.

In­ter­gen­er­a­tional pork­a­bil­ity is to be ad­mired, and who knows, when the daugh­ter gives you the arse for some­one bet­ter look­ing, mum could be a handy fall-back fuck.

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