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Picture (Australia) - - You're Joking -

TWO old ladies were sit­ting out­side their nurs­ing home hav­ing a smoke when it started rain­ing.

One of the ladies pulled out a con­dom, cut off the end, put it over her cig­a­rette, and con­tin­ued smok­ing. The other one asked, “What’s that?” The first lady replied, “A con­dom. It keeps my ciggy dry in the rain.”

The sec­ond lady was very im­pressed. “What a great idea!” she said. “Where do you get them?” The first lady replied, “At any chemist.” So the next day, the sec­ond old lady hob­bled into the chemists and asked the guy be­hind the counter for some con­doms. He looked at her oddly (she was in her 80s, after all), but asked what brand she pref­ered.

“It doesn’t mat­ter,” she replied. “As long as they’ll fit a Camel.” C.B., MOUNT SAMSON, QLD

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