Picture (Australia) - - My Threesome Fuck - CH­ERYL, HURSTVILLE, NSW

Ia dilemma when I was a chicky-babe of 19 with all my juices flow­ing – I couldn’t de­cide be­tween two re­ally hot broth­ers.

I was dat­ing the younger one, Colin, who was 18 and all ea­ger like a bouncy young puppy. He had a big cock on him, but he was only good for a few min­utes be­fore he would shoot his load.

Then one night I ran into his big bro, Scott, at the pub. I got a bit pissed and let him take me to a lo­cal mo­tel where he pro­ceeded to fuck me sense­less for a cou­ple of hours.

I re­ally liked Col, but Scott made my pussy so wet. I didn’t know what to do, so thank good­ness they worked it out for me.

One night I was over at their place when their par­ents were out and Col said he knew about me and Scott, but that he didn’t mind and that they’d be happy to share. It sounded good to me!

What fol­lowed was the best night of sex I’d ever had. Scott used me as a teach­ing aid to show Col how to do it right, go­ing down on me first, then tu­tor­ing Col on how to lick my clit just right.

I was in heaven as they took turns eat­ing me out, then Col climbed on top of me and started fuck­ing me in his usual fu­ri­ous way un­til Scott tapped him on the shoul­der and told him to slow down and take it easy.

Col got the idea, and soon he was fuck­ing me slow and deep like his big bro had done in the mo­tel. Next thing, he’s jumped off and Scot­tie has jumped on, and they switched back and forth un­til I couldn’t tell who was fuck­ing me. It was so good!

I kept of­fi­cially dat­ing Col, but ev­ery now and then I’d fuck both of them, and that was the best!

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