An­gel’s rockin’ rib mon­keys are big­ger than Uluru

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YOU­know those su­per­hero movies where nor­mal-sized peo­ple fall into a vat of nu­clear waste and grow into mas­sive mon­sters? That’s the only ex­pla­na­tion we have for An­gel’s UNFEASIBLY LARGE fun­bags. But de­spite hav­ing a set of MILK WAG­ONS big­ger than the na­tional debt, An­gel reck­ons she’s just a nor­mal girl with a very nor­mal life. “I never ex­pected to be in mag­a­zines with my clothes off. It all just kind of hap­pened when my breasts started get­ting at­ten­tion,” ad­mit­ted the 22-year-old bo­som- bear­ing cham­pion.

When did they start grow­ing?

“When I was about 12 or 13. I re­ally didn’t like it at first. I’m used to hav­ing big boobs now, but then I

wanted smaller ones. And then, when I was 19, I started do­ing some photo shoots.”

Is that your main method of earn­ing a crust these days?

“No, I ac­tu­ally have a reg­u­lar job. I live with my boyfriend and lead a very nor­mal life. Nude mod­el­ling is great if you need to earn ex­tra money, though.”

Do your norks ever cause you strife?

“Not re­ally. Most men re­ally like them, but every­body is dif­fer­ent. Some guys like my eyes, or my bum. Beauty means some­thing dif­fer­ent to every­body.”

If you say so. We hear you’ve shot a cou­ple of hard­core pornos, too.

“Just with my boyfriend. It was fun to do, but I haven’t done too much of that. I like do­ing the pho­to­graphs more.”

You sound very down to earth.

“Some peo­ple look at my pho­tos and think it’s art. Oth­ers look at them and think I’m some sort of whore. But the truth is I’m just an or­di­nary girl-next- door. I could live in your street. The only dif­fer­ence is that I some­times earn money by tak­ing my clothes off.”

See, read­ers – it pays to get to know your neigh­bours!

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