Light ya wick and fire when ready, blokes!

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YOU’LL never hear us say a bad word about tits. Big, medium, lit­tle, square-shaped or pear- shaped, tits are tops. Some of our best friends are tits.

Of course, that’s not to say we don’t have our faves, and that of­ten changes is­sue to is­sue.

This week, for in­stance, we’re lovin’ the LARGER STYLE OF TIT.

‘Cos who doesn’t love a BIG TIT? Com­fort­ing, nour­ish­ing, a cosy place to rest your head, and, in ex­treme cases, shel­ter un­der, the WEIGHTY WUMBA is the gift that keeps on giv­ing.

Think of all those good titty things that are even BET­TER with big tits: the sausage sand­wich; the pearl neck­lace; THE CUD­DLE PUDDLE; etc.

So with­out want­ing to to PUT SHIT on the bee-stings and fried eggs of this world, tough titty, this ain’t your week.

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