Picture (Australia) - - My Public Fuck - JULES, MUR­WILLUM­BAH, NSW

MYBOYFRIEND never thinks I’m weird when I sug­gest a new sex ad­ven­ture, so when I said I wanted to rent a limo in Las Ve­gas and get driven around while we fucked in the back, he straight away made all the ar­range­ments.

The limo driver said it wasn’t the first time he’d had that re­quest and he thought it was a hoot, so we piled into the back of this stretchie with tinted win­dows and the first thing I did was shove Jason down and strad­dle his face so he could lick me out.

It was pretty weird hav­ing his tongue buried up my snatch as we rode along, ’cos even though peo­ple couldn’t see in, I could see ev­ery­one in the other cars.

I leant for­ward and pulled Jason’s meaty cock out of his jeans and swal­lowed it balls deep, which im­me­di­ately had him nearly ready to come, so I climbed off and sat fac­ing him with my legs apart while I fin­gered my­self.

Pulling my dress off over my head I strad­dled him, at the same time check­ing out the peo­ple on tour buses go­ing past and all the weird and wacky casi­nos up and down the strip.

Then I pulled the old switcheroo and had Jason do what he does best – shove my legs back to my shoul­ders, climb on top and pound the shit out of me un­til I came like a train.

I’m pretty sure that even with the tinted win­dows peo­ple could see my feet pressed up against the glass be­hind my head, and ev­ery time we stopped at lights I couldn’t stop gig­gling as they tried to work out what was go­ing on.

It didn’t take long be­fore Jase pulled out of me and shot his load all over my tits, but since we had the limo for an­other hour I told the driver to keep cruising around, with me in the back naked and cov­ered with Jase’s spoof.

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