How’d you like a long, tall glass of Lucy Vixen?

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THERE’Snoth­ing better than a STEAM­ING RED­HEAD to warm up these cold win­ter nights, so it’s beaut to have Pommy model Lucy Vixen back in the mag.

We’ve ad­mired Lucy and her AWE-IN­SPIR­ING CHUMBA- WUMBAS for years, and it’s nice to have this op­por­tu­nity to have a lit­tle GASBAG with her about them.

What’s the best thing about hav­ing such beaut big tits, Luce?

“When I’m swim­ming they float and feel all soft and squishy! It’s rather sat­is­fy­ing!”

Sounds like it. Do you like your boobs be­ing played with?

“I love them be­ing played with! Though my nip­ples aren’t all that sen­si­tive. And rather than a one- handed grab, you’d need about four

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