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MUNGO, I read that Mi­ley Cyrus has given up the weed and de­cided to straighten up her act. Un­for­tu­nately, this seems to have co­in­cided with her stop­ping tak­ing pic­cies of her­self in the nuddy and beam­ing them out to ev­ery­body. I liked see­ing her nice lil fanny and cute boozies. Is there any way you can get her back on the wacky to­baccy so we can get more free nud­ies?

L.M., KENS­ING­TON, NSW MUNGO SAYS: I have a soft spot for the cute lit­tle munchkin. Sure, her singing sounds like two cats fuck­ing in a bag, but she loves get­ting her lit­tle tits ‘n’ smoo out, and that counts for a lot. She prob­a­bly just ran out is all. I’ll send her a big ol’ bag of Bruns­wick heads and I reckon we’ll see her butt-naked and split­ting the wingle again very soon.


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