Picture (Australia) - - My Sly Fuck - LINZ, CAN­BERRA, ACT

JUST about ev­ery fuck is a sly fuck when you’re on a back-pack­ing tour of Europe. You never have any pri­vacy, so you’re al­ways sneak­ing around some­where to have a quickie. Af­ter a while you be­come pretty good at spot­ting an op­por­tu­nity, as me and my boyfriend dis­cov­ered on our big Euro trip.

Af­ter weeks sleep­ing in hos­tels we could rip off a quick fuck any­where, so when we found our­selves on the top deck of one of those open-topped, dou­ble- decker tour buses in some Euro­pean city I’ve com­pletely for­got­ten about, it was like a chal­lenge – we had to fuck, then and there.

We weren’t com­pletely alone. There was an older cou­ple up in the front row of seats, so we po­si­tioned our­selves di­rectly be­hind them so as we sailed through the streets of Who-the-fuck- knows-where they were obliv­i­ous to our shenani­gans.

I had my boyfriend pull his cock out of his pants, but since it was a cold day I im­me­di­ately warmed it up with my mouth. Pretty soon it was tick­ling my ton­sils, so I turned around, wrig­gled my jeans down and sat down on my boyfriend’s cock un­til it felt like he was gunna split me in half.

The lurch­ing of the bus as it ac­cel­er­ated and braked made it even bet­ter, and if we went around a cor­ner I could feel his big, meaty wang squish­ing over to one side of my vagina.

Just as our bus drove into a big open square and the driver’s tinny voice came out of the speak­ers say­ing how this cathe­dral was built in blah blah blah, I got a bolt of elec­tric­ity up my clit and I started com­ing, so I was just about drown­ing him out with my yelp­ing as I hit the big O.

The cou­ple up the front never no­ticed a thing, so I gave my boy’s cock an­other nice lit­tle suck be­fore I put it away.

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