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1. A cou­ple of glasses of bub­bly can CHANGE PAM into a sex- crazed man-eater (9). 6. These up­mar­ket drinks COST A LICK of cash (9). 10. I’LL ’fess up! Af­ter last night, I feel rooted! (3). 11. It’s a stim­u­lant to some, fast cars to oth­ers, but it’s dan­ger­ous ei­ther way (5). 12. Gets a few gropes in and then FLEES the scene (5). 13. “If you’re a phi­lan­derer,” she said, “take me for din­ner, then we’ll get RUDE LATER” (9). 15. Stay CALM, while I go down in search of the bearded ... (4). 16. A band that fa­mously had a big John­son (1,1/1,1). 18. He SEES AT once that she flirts with ev­ery guy in the room (6). 20. A cou­ple of WHORES joined me in the bath­room (6). 21. Get your gear off and lie stark­ers in the DUNE! (4). 23. That RAT paints naked women and calls it ... (3). 24. Once he’d done the busi­ness you didn’t see the stal­lion for DUST (4). 25. ANY DR. could tell you why you’re horny (5). 26. Haha! Mr Mansell doesn’t have any friends! (5). 27. Pure joy you feel when she rubs your hard-on with her TOENAIL (7). 29. Scent used by girls to turn blokes on (7). 32. “Will you EAT MY pussy?” she asked, which in­stantly got me thick and chubby (5). 34. Come On Down and see my piece of fish (3). 35. How Mr Camel roots in the oa­sis (5). 36. There’s one fel­la­tio-lov­ing girl born ev­ery minute, so they say! (6). 39. DID OL’ Wil­lie’s wife use one when his prick went limp? (5). 41. Never put off till to­mor­row what you can get on ... (5). 44. This honey will give you a buzz (3). 46. He gets into a right SCRAP when he curls turds on his neigh­bour’s front lawn (5). 48. The mod­esty ERA’S over - show us your bum! (4). 49. If it’s big, a feller can’t see his pecker to give it a TUG (3). 51. “I’d love it if you ‘would’ let me stroke your boner”, she said (4). 55. Scotch OR GIN will take away the pain in your crotch (5). 56. COR! ’E’S cer­tain to get a naughty tonight (5). 57. Is it true she pad­dles your back­side, STAN? (4). 59. Hair­cuts can be con­ta­gious – do this and you might catch a mul­let (4). 61. Hav­ing it up the rear is ALL ANY girl re­ally wants (6). 62. He was bold to turn up at the pub IN DRAG (6). 63. The sort of jokes that make you throw up? (4). 65. What captains love to do be­fore a match. Dirty bas­tards! (4). 67. “Eee! Jack you’re late”, she cried. So he did, right up her love canal (9). 71. Be sure to use pro­tec­tion when you ride these, and en­sure the bits are lubed up! (5). 72. Should we keep this su­per­hero OR BIN him? (5). 73. I’M A bloody good shot with my weapon (3). 74. If you have an un­ruly GUEST, BEAT him over the head with some long sticks (9). 75. “Raise your glasses,” he de­clared. “Be­cause fac­ing sky­ward are ar­ses” (7,2!).


2. Put your hands to­gether and give your part­ner the clap (7). 3. Great tucker at the footy or cricket (4). 4. A bor­ing com­puter-lov­ing fart, it rhymes with turd (4). 5. Open­ings up the sides of girls’ dresses or be­tween their legs (5). 7. Ev­ery guy loves to perve on a great piece ’O LEG (4). 8. Where golfers rest their balls when driv­ing (4). 9. It’s for­bid­den, but if I feel ‘ill, is it’ the bonk­ing or the grog? (7). 13. Her lip­stick will leave A BAND ON my pecker (7). 14. Old cow­boy TV show where Clint East­wood ended up with a red arse (7). 15. Dip your wick by the light of a flick­er­ing ... (6). 17. She’s warm and hug­gable, just like a teddy bear (6). 19. ‘Ketchup’ with a girl and CAUSE her juices to flow (5). 20. With his long mag­i­cal pole, the wizard pen­e­trated his work col­leagues (5). 22. The Chi­nese need lots of RICE TO be­come sex­u­ally sug­ges­tive (6). 24. There’s very lit­tle shut-eye when my babe PEELS off her clothes (5). 28. Don’t think of me as ..., just more ex­pe­ri­enced (3). 30. Awaken your­self OR SUE will bite your dick off! (5). 31. You’ve no idea how DIS­MAL I feel. I’ve lost my mojo (7). 33. What a gar­dener calls his stalk if it only comes up once a year (6). 37. A lady of the night needs a con­stant sup­ply of these to achieve a record num­ber of BONKS (5). 38. He gave marks out of ten to girls in the TRADE (5). 40. It’s lousy to get a young thing drunk but NICE TO TAXI her home (10). 42. I find that AC­TIVE TART very good-look­ing (10). 43. SOD! Who’s got my book on The ... and Don’ts of Se­duc­tion? (3). 45. An un­truth like, “I wouldn’t do this un­less I loved you!” (3). 46. Un­like a Volvo this spiky desert plant has the pricks on the out­side! (6). 47. I ham in­trigued by these an­i­mals (4). 50. Where a bal­let dancer keeps his packed lunch (6). 52. A GORY party of sex-mad in­di­vid­u­als (4). 53. What more could ’E ADD? His todger was life­less (4). 58. Two gi­raffes canoodling? (7). 60. Now my den­tal visit IS OVER, I can flash my pearly whites (7). 64. The sort of hair you re­ally don’t want on your din­ner plate (5). 66. “Where do I put this?” he asked. “In ...,” she replied help­fully (4). 68. Who’s go­ing to come next? April may come next (4). 69. Three mu­si­cians play­ing with their in­stru­ments (4). 70. Marco got so drunk that he fell in the POOL (4).

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