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“I love win­ter sports but broke both my legs in 2013, so I am now part-ro­bot,” says 26-year-old Pom­go­lian ad­ver­tis­ing em­ployee Luna Fox. What other body part would be made GROUSER by be­ing ro­botic? “Eyes! Like a Ter­mi­na­tor- style sys­tem go­ing on, and hell, throw in some lasers so I am to­tally kick-arse. I’m pretty tame these days, Australia! What have you done to me?” Tell us sto­ries of the Luna Fox of old... “Naked hot tub par­ties with up-piste naked sprints used to be a sea­sonal favourite. Maybe I have a thing for be­ing naked in the cold.” Feel free to talk about naked hot tub par­ties some more. “They in­volve lots of wine and games in­clude naked star-jumps be­fore be­ing al­lowed back in the hot tub or snow an­gels be­fore be­ing al­lowed in. And of course, lots of silly drink­ing rules.” No drink­ing rules are silly, Luna Fox. They must AL­WAYS be obeyed!

“I am now part ro­bot”


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