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If you are lucky enough to score a pass into this 21-year-old nanny’s bed­room, don’t cock it up by of­fer­ing her a fac­tory-farmed ba­con sarnie, as you de­clare she’s the only one for you. “I am a fruitar­ian and polyamor­ist. I eat fruits and nuts al­most en­tirely. I also eat raw veg­eta­bles like sweet peas, av­o­ca­dos and leafy greens. I do this for eth­i­cal and health rea­sons.” Is the pork chop-with­drawal worth it? “I have much more en­ergy, and much bet­ter skin.” We can see the skin. Tell us about polyamory. “I have one pri­mary re­la­tion­ship, one sec­ondary re­la­tion­ship and am en­ter­tain­ing the idea of more. Polyamory re­quires a lot of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, but it can be re­ally fun.” Do you keep part­ners sep­a­rate, or are three­somes part of the daily GRIND? “They are kept sep­a­rate for the time be­ing.” Does jeal­ousy ever make it’s green-eyed ap­pear­ance? “Of course. Same with any re­la­tion­ship, but we’ve worked things through so far.” Maybe you can work a three­some in there, then tell us about it.

“I eat fruits and nuts al­most en­tirely”

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