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Back­pack­ers ly­ing naked by pools do more for for­eign re­la­tions than over­paid am­bas­sadors, just ask Vicky, “a sexy 26-year-old Ger­man girl who loves to be naked all day long”. If we had more Ger­mans like you, all those TER­RI­BLE mis­un­der­stand­ings might have been sorted out. Any plans to do any­thing risqué while you are down un­der? “I would love some­one to rav­age me on the hood of a car.” Hope­fully naked. “While I wear my sexy cow­boy boots.” We can live with that. What else are you do­ing to keep Ger­manAus­tralian re­la­tions tick­ing over? “When I travel, I like to cover my lus­cious boobs with my seethrough cloth.” That’ll do the trick. “And on the week­ends, I cover my­self in freshly squeezed or­ange juice at the mar­kets, and I love to suck the straw so long un­til I get the last sip out of it.” Not so sure that’s the suck­ing we had in mind.

“I would love some­one to rav­age me on the hood of a car”

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