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SYD­NEY, NSW What’s your big­gest turn-off, sexy babe? “When some­body who doesn’t know me calls me sexy or babe. I hate it.” Fuck! Let’s start again. Can we buy you a drink? “Sure, I love any­thing and ev­ery­thing. I’m a happy, loud drinker and I love hav­ing a good time.” A stu­dent by day, Natalie, 18, reck­ons drunk sex isn’t as good as a sober root, though. “It doesn’t feel as good and you could wake up with some­body you wish you hadn’t.” We’ve been won­der­ing what you sheilas get up to after we roll off ya and fall asleep. “Not much. And be­sides, I think I’m usu­ally asleep be­fore them.” Christ. Are we that bad?

“I’m a happy, loud drinker”

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