Higher, longer, paintier... erm... more rab­bity!

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WE ALL wanna set a world record, but while most of us just sit around the pub dream­ing about it, these cham­pi­ons DID IT!

Well, we sup­pose the sheila with the legs didn’t ac­tu­ally do much to make ‘em grow, but fuck it, she’s a cham­pion any­way.

Ev­ery year, while they take a break from mak­ing that beaut beer of theirs, the Guin­ness folks bung a bunch of these world­beat­ers to­gether in a book and show us un­der-acheivers just what’s pos­si­ble if you re­ally try.

In­spir­ing, eh? So get out there, play some bas­ket­ball with a bilby, make a pie out of GOLD NUGGETS or whack a few mil­lion coats of Estapol on a Sher­rin, and you could score a cool cer­tifi­cate and be FA­MOUS FOR A DAY.

Then you can get back on the piss !


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