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MUNGO, got a look-alike for ya – how about Mia Belle, Homie in #1437 and Ask the Homies #1440, and Gwyneth Pal­trow? I al­ways fan­cied Gwyneth, but Mia’s got big­ger tits, and is even a bit spunkier I reckon. Wad­dya reckon? P.K., PERTH, WA MUNGO SAYS: I reckon you’re spo­ton. I al­ways thought Gwyneth was a bit on the scrawny side – it must be all that kelp and cac­tus juice she drinks – so Mia’s added boobage is def­i­nitely an im­prove­ment. Doesn’t look quite as in­sane as Gwyneth does ei­ther, which is a plus. I al­ways think Gwyneth looks like she’s one kale milk­shake short of a stab­bing frenzy.

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